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Tokens & Tiles - China Factory, Suppliers, Manufacturers

At GameDoer, the tokens and tiles for custom board games can be made from both cardboard, plastic, wood, and metals. We are a professional custom board game manufacturer and producer.

A variety of colors and shapes are available for the tokens and tiles in different materials, bright and clear.

For the cardboard made tokens and tiles, the most thick can up to 3mm, hard and durable.
For the plastic and metal Tokens & Tiles, any custom shapes and structure are available based on customers' requirements.

We have been specializing in producing the tokens and tiles for custom board games for over 10 years. During the past 10 years, GameDoer's custom board games have been shipped to all over the world. 

We have a lot of standard sized and colored tokens and tiles in stock, which will save customers' cost at the tools and molds.
Non-standard or structure tokens and tiles are available on requirement as well.
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We are professional in manufacturing Tokens & Tiles Game Doer is one of the Tokens & Tiles manufacturers and suppliers made in China. We also provide discount with our high quality commodity. Our products have CE certification. If you want get low price products, we can provide price lists and quotations. Our products have free sample. We also support products that are customized and fancy. If you want to buy durable commodity, you can get low price from factory. Please contact us.