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GameDoer is a leading game manufacturer, professional in producing board and card game, in China to produce plastic game figurines, miniatures, token, pieces, printing and packaging, whole board and card game set, hobby game, etc. 
Custom plastic figures and miniatures are a beautiful way to help a game stand out among the hundreds of released games each year.

Miniatures are often used for table-top war games, but are also useful in role-playing games and are becoming more popular as the production value of the board game increases. 
They are made of metal, plastic or resin. Nowadays, miniatures are becoming more and more indispensable in many board games, since miniatures can make board game become more attractive and interesting.

We have our own CNC centre to build the injection molds to produce the custom miniatures. So custom precision shape, color is available. We use only the highest quality materials to manufacture our products and ensure all the products are safe and eco-friend.

We can produce the miniatures in both resin and plastic, depending on your preference. 
Our professional technician and mold engineer will help customers to modify the structure of the miniatures based on the original 3D design for mass production.

The plastic miniatures meet SRS044, ASTM F 963, EN71, CPSIA and all the other tests by authorized laboratories.
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We are professional in manufacturing Plastic Miniatures Game Doer is one of the Plastic Miniatures manufacturers and suppliers made in China. We also provide discount with our high quality commodity. Our products have CE certification. If you want get low price products, we can provide price lists and quotations. Our products have free sample. We also support products that are customized and fancy. If you want to buy durable commodity, you can get low price from factory. Please contact us.