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At GameDoer, the game cards are not only produced by card stocks, but also can be made from plastic.

GameDoer produces the plastic playing cards, that are 100% pure PVC or PET. 
The sturdy material features good flexibility and durability. Not easy to bend or get wrinkled. The plastic cards will return to their original condition after shuffling soon, they are reliable enough to be applied multiple times, and with the authentic feel of paper cards. 

When shuffling and dealing the plastic cards,  you will be amazing by the buttery smooth finish. They are less susceptible to getting bent or damaged from liquids, and can be washed and cleaned as opposed to paper cards. As a result, a single deck of plastic playing cards can last as long as 50 times that of a paper deck.

Our professional technicians will support customers to help them to choose the most favourable plastic raw material for their board games and card games.
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We are professional in manufacturing Plastic Cards Game Doer is one of the Plastic Cards manufacturers and suppliers made in China. We also provide discount with our high quality commodity. Our products have CE certification. If you want get low price products, we can provide price lists and quotations. Our products have free sample. We also support products that are customized and fancy. If you want to buy durable commodity, you can get low price from factory. Please contact us.