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GameDoer Development

Establishment – 2009
Game Doer, who's a printing and packing manufacturer, built the factory in 2009, located in Ningbo, China.
Started from two workshops, one with printing, laminating, half-automatic mounting and box forming machines for regular production, the other for assembly, packing and stock.

Cooperate with Domestic Larger Factories, 2009 to 2011
From 2009 to 2011, we cooperated with domestic larger factories to produce all kinds of boxes and cards, such as corrugated paper box, paper sheets, game boards, cards for them.

Cooperated with Domestic Trading Companies, 2011 to 2017
By the end of 2015, Game Doer expensed the plant area to over 7,000 square meters with a three-floor factory building. Not only produce basic parts of board game, but also brought in injection machines to produce miniatures, dice and other plastic parts. 
Meanwhile, we updated more advanced machines, like Heidelberg, Roland, Komori printing machine, die-cutting machine, pressing machine, UV machine, Indentation machine, Haitian injection machine, etc. 
During these time, we produced games parts for Spin Master, Horrible Guild, Good Looking Richard, Innovation Monster, Éditions Gladius, etc.

Cooperate with Overseas Customers, 2018 ~ Today
Game Doer started our own foreign trading business in 2018. 
We can assist customers in game design improving and game parts sourcing, with full manufacturing experience accumulated, largely expanded numbers of our customers. By now, we have become a one-stop sourcing and producing solution provider of board game and educational coaching products for customers.

Our Factory

A three-floor factory building with over 3,000 square meters facilities.

We have totally up to 87 professional workers, including 22 experienced sales and technicians.

Buy Game Miniatures, Game Cards, Game Boards from our factory. 

Manufacturing Offerings
Custom board games, including all printing & packing parts, plastic miniatures and figures, custom dices, wooden meeples, pawns, chips, tokens etc.
All of Game Doer’s products conform to ASTM F963, EN71, CPSIA, Hasbro's SRS-044, European 2009/48/EC, S.1660, H.R. 4805 of the USA, etc.

Our company currently has three excellent and reliable sales teams, respectively responsible for custom board games, educational toys, and wooden toys.
The main departments at our factory are a plate making Dept., production Dept., quality inspection Dept., after-sales service Dept.
The staffs in each position have rich experience on producing and products. Everyone takes responsibility for his work seriously, so that various departments connect and cooperate well with high efficiency.

The Advantages on Quality and Price of Our Products
We have our own workshops to produce the printing & packing products, plastic moulding and injection, wooden meeples, so that we can take in charge on the quality of each production process.
Our professional raw material purchase staff ensures the incoming materials are at the best quality and price.

Sales and After-sales Services
Our professional sales are specialized in custom board games, plastic and wooden products, as well as capable of problem-solving abilities.
We can support customers with reasonable suggestions on producing, packing and delivering.
After cargo delivery, our full-time salesperson will track the goods until the customer receives them.
When the product arrives, we will ask the customer about the state of the goods when they received. In this way, we can better improve our logistics system.
During products selling, we will also maintain interaction with customers to understand the sales situation, including user experience if possible, to understand whether we have any improvements or improvements in the production stage.
If damaged or defective products appear, we will provide customers with replacement for free by express delivery.
Please contact us by shelly@gamdoer.com, we will fully support to solve the problems within 24 hours.

Advantages of Our Solutions
We have professional marketing and sales team, with full experience in orders from Europe, America, Japan and other countries, who have proposed solutions to problems for customers from different markets with different production and products requirements.
Most of our technicians are with more than 15 years working experience so that to assist customers on their product design with the most professional suggestions.
We will regularly arrange staff training, let them participate in professional industry exchange meetings to discuss technical issues.

Our custom board game projects including Outrun, Railroad Ink, The Battle of GoG, Alphabet War, Snake & Ladder Board Game, etc.
Our custom card game projects including Waitwhatz, Tarot Card Game-Follow Your Destiny, etc.
Player mat projects, Outrun.
Custom dice project, Heart Beat Dice.    

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