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The characters represented by the four K suits in poker


Plum K
Alexander the Great (Alexander III the Great or Kyng Alisaunder, 356-323 BC) was the king of the Macedonian Kingdom, the son of Philip II of Macedon, who succeeded to the throne at the age of 20. the dominance of the Persian Empire. On the vast land spanning Europe, Asia and Africa, a Yaozhishui (now the Syr Darya) was established that stretched from Greece and Macedonia in the west, to the upper reaches of the Indus River in the east, to the first waterfall of the Nile River in the south, and to Central Asia in the north. a vast empire with Babylon as its capital.
Block K
Gaius Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar (Before 102-44) The life-long consul of the Roman Republic, born Nobles, who served as treasurers, chief priests, justices, consuls, censors, dictators and other positions. In the first 60 years, he secretly formed the first three alliances with Pompey and Crassus, and then served as the governor of Gaul, Britain. In the first 49 years, he led his army to occupy Rome, defeated Pompey, concentrated power and implemented a dictatorship. In 44 BC, Caesar was assassinated by members of the Senate led by Brutus. After Caesar's death, his nephew and adopted son Octavian defeated Antony to create the Roman Empire and become the first imperial emperor. Caesar is profiled on the coins of the Roman Empire. Of the four  K cards thereafter, only the King of Diamonds is profiled, holding a battle axe.
Hearts K
Charlemagne Charles the Great (or Carolus Magnus, 742-814AD) was a Frankish king who was later crowned "Emperor of the Romans". More than 50 wars fought by the Kesen people and others have controlled most of the territory of Europe, and under the guidance of angels, they have provoked the important task of defending the Christian world. The first man to carve his figures with a chisel on a wooden board accidentally slid the chisel off the upper lip. Since then, this painting is the standard in the king of hearts card, so only the king in the king of hearts card has no beard.
Spade Ki
King David (King David) The second king of the United Kingdom of Israel, lived around 1000 BC, the meaning of David is "beloved", the legendary father of King Solomon, good at music and poetry, the Bible records Jesus is a descendant of David.

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