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Brief Introduction to Poker


Poker is an entertaining paper toy that is popular all over the world. Because of the different ways of playing, it is commonly known as Solitaire, Wanliu, etc. Its standard name "poker" is a transliteration of "poker". The origin of playing cards is not completely certain, but it is generally believed that it evolved from the French Tarot. 
Early playing cards were probably introduced to Europe from Egypt at the end of the 14th century. In the 15th century, the king was usually regarded as the highest card, and the ace was the lowest card. The way to think of A(ACE) as the largest and 2 as the smallest probably started after the French Revolution in the late eighteenth century. Nowadays, in China, it is generally a style of play with the largest trump card, the second largest, the third largest with "A", and followed by the "K".
"JOKER" was invented in the United States and then returned to Europe along with poker. The number of earliest playing cards varies from place to place. 78 in Italy, 32 in Germany, 40 in Spain, and 52 in France. In the future, it will become an international poker deck with 52 cards, plus two "Joker" (also known as the big king or the big ghost), for a total of 54 cards. So far, the suits, points, and "K", "Q", and "J" patterns on the playing cards are basically finalized.  Playing cards are divided into four suits, namely spades, hearts (or hearts), square corners, and clubs. The four suits have different names.
Later, according to the calendar in astronomy, Westerners unified the content of this card game card into 54 cards and four suits. In this way, after a long period of evolution, they gradually converged. There are many ways to play poker, the most common are bridge, 21, 24, etc.
Pokers are not only made of paper, but also many other materials. There are cloisonné gold-coated poker, gold foil and silver foil poker, crystal poker, plexiglass poker, fiberglass poker, etc. These playing cards are all used for collection and are rarely used for playing. For example, agate poker, ivory and bone poker, and horn and bone poker have all been made into the shape of mahjong, but they are still played in the form of poker. In addition, there are many special-shaped poker, such as round, Christmas tree, shoe, etc.
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