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Why Magic The Gathering is Benchmark for Card Games


Test subject: Magic The Gathering.

Paper material: Blue core paper.

Magic The Gathering is the world’s first trading card game (TCG) designed by American mathematics professor Richard Garfield in 1993, and published by Wizards Of The Coast.

At the same time, Magic is basically the quality benchmark for all card games.

The following card test will prove why Magic is a high-quality card.


Bend a card in an arc until the opposite sides meet. At this time, the card should transition naturally and cannot be bent directly.


Release, the card can rebound quickly and automatically without obvious creases.

card-quality-test (2)

Looking under the light, no small wrinkles or blisters should appear in the area just folded (the reflective part in the photo).

If stricter, you can test it again in the opposite direction, or even test multiple times in both directions to simulate repeated shuffling.

Check the rebound speed, the degree of shape retention, how many times the crease blistering and permanent deformation appear after repeating.

card-quality-test (3)


Flame retardant test:

Ignite cards directly

card-quality-test (4)

Soon it went out naturally.


Try it again from another side, this time made it hotter.
Went out again.



Water splash test



Water droplets splash on the surface of the card and rub it, it will not easily penetrate.

However, the waterproof weakness of Magic is on the side.

It blisters when exposed to water. Anyone who has soaked the card book knows it.

After all, protection can only be done on the front and back at most, not at the edge.


The water drops dry as soon as they are wiped (I deliberately left some water marks).

Pay attention to the right edge. I rubbed it lightly with wet fingers, and it foamed in just a few seconds.

In other words, if the side of the summer card accidentally touched the condensed cold drink cup, if you did not bring the card protective cover, the card would be wet.


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