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Parent-child Board Games Recommended for Babies Over 2 years old!


Today, we are to recommend some board games that can be played at home, which can exercise the children’s logic and responsiveness abilities, also let the whole family to spend a warm and high-quality parent-child time!

These five board games recommended today can be played by babies over 2 years old. When enjoying fun and interesting, the children’s logical thinking and reaction are naturally established! The shaping of these abilities is very important for elementary school children.

Go Go Gelato

Suitable age: 2 years old +

Player number: 2-4 people

Exercise ability: color perception, reaction coordination ability


It’s super hot on ins! Gelato means ice cream in Italian, and its cute appearance is quite attractive to children!

The rules are also very simple.

1. Put 4 cones in front of each person, except for the blue cone, the other three cones are all put on the same color ice cream;

2. Open a question card arbitrarily, and start making gelato at the same time according to the requirements on the question card. The blue empty cone is useful at this time to move the position of the ice cream ball;

3. The kid who can complete the 5 orders quickly and accurately will win!


Sound simple, right? But during the game, we should remind parents and children that the ice cream balls will melt. In the process of moving the ice cream balls, the baby’s hands should not touch them directly. So mom and dad should accompany the children to think appropriately. Move the ice cream ball over!


The game rules are designed to exercise children’s independent operation ability and fine muscles operation. Children’s hand movements will become more and more flexible. At the same time, children’s concept of space is initially cultivated!


Cookie Box

Suitable age: 3 years old +

Player number: 2-4 people

Exercise ability: logical thinking, practical ability


Cream cakes, donuts, cookies, etc., which child can resist desserts? This board game satisfies babies who dream of opening a dessert shop!

In the game, the children are the dessert chefs of a very famous dessert shop. In order to cope with orders from all sides, you must quickly make a nine-piece dessert gift box when the customer places an order.

Open an order card randomly, and the children start to quickly flip the wafer according to the order card to find the matching dessert pattern, and finally arrange the wafer into a 3*3 square according to the order card.

When you are done, press the bell instantly!


It tests children’s reaction speed, graphic color recognition and matching ability. Only quick thinking and quick skills can help you win the game!

Mom and dad can teach children that competition is not narrow while playing games. Competing in cooperation can cultivate a healthy sense of competition.


The rules of the game.

1. Each child will be assigned five props, a black hat, a red bucket, a yellow bucket, a rabbit, a coin, and then shuffle the cards and place them on the table with the back side up;

2. Pick a card, and the children stack hats and other toys according to the card prompts;

3. The difficult place is coming. The colored props shown on the card must be exposed; the gray props must be covered with other props; the props that do not appear cannot be used; the props marked with stars cannot hide any other props;

4. The child who cuts the pile correctly and shouts with top that wins this round and can take the card. When there are no task cards in the center of the table, the game ends and the player with the most cards wins.

In addition to the basic understanding of the basic positional relationship such as up and down, left and right, front and rear, this game emphasizes the concept of inside and outside. At the same time, children are required to constantly observe and compare cards and props during the game, and children are required to react quickly to corresponding actions. It also exercised the children’s quick thinking ability and hand-eye coordination.


Suitable age: 6 years old +

Exercise ability: observation ability, reaction coordination ability


Many children dream of becoming scientists. In this game, you can all realize your dreams!

This is an action game that cultivates children’s hand-eye coordination. It is suitable for older children. The main idea of the game is to make children work hard to help our Dr. Beaker complete the experiment.

The rules of the game are like this

1. The game channel has 4 plastic cups, 4 stirring rods, 50 challenge cards and 24 molecular balls.

2. The children need to use a stirring rod to orderly dial the molecular balls in the beaker to exactly match the pattern on the challenge card. The player who wins is the player who gets the card first.


Does it feel easy to just listen to the rules? No no no! In actual operation, the ball can only be moved in the compartment, and cannot be rolled from the partition. This kind of rule setting helps to exercise the accuracy and stability of children’s hand movements, and also exercise their logical reasoning ability. For example, should I adjust the position of the red ball or the purple one first?

While cultivating children’s interest in scientific research, while exercising and developing a variety of abilities, parents should act quickly!

Squirrels Go

Suitable age: 6 years old +

Exercise ability: logical thinking, practical ability


This board game is development by Smart Games, which company has repeatedly won multiple international awards. It is a teaching tool designated by the Belgian government education seminar. Some products of Smart Games have become teaching aids for children’s admission interviews in many regions!

The game gamified the scene where the little squirrel stores pine cones in the autumn. There are 60 advanced levels from simple to difficult. Children need to push the small pine cones in the hands of squirrels into the hole step by step through their own thinking.


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