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How to Make Custom Game Rule Manual | Game Doer


A custom board game usually consist of game boards, cardboard tiles, plastic miniature,etc. While all in all, the most important part is the game rule manual. Without an instruction sheet, it’s hard to understand how to play the game.

Actually, manuals are a valuable tool for any business. They make it easy to share a lot of information and divide it into readable sections. When a game designer wants to share a lot of content, players will be more likely to read it when it’s presented in these small chunks.

The written words are not the only message manuals deliver though. The presentation, for example, the paper stock and coating, speak volumes about your business as well. Game Doer keeps high quality and affordable price and orders.

As a custom manual printing manufacturer and supplier, let’s introduce how make the custom game rule manual today.

1. The size of the game rule manual.

When formulating the size of the manual, fully consider the size of the game box, which will definitely decide the flat or folded size of game manual.

2. Fold Options.

Bi-Fold -> There are four printable sections and folded in two.

Tri-Fold-> There are six printable sections and folded like a letter.

Z Fold-> There six printable sections and folded like an accordion.

French Fold -> It has a total of four panels that create a singular image once unraveled.

3. Stock & Finish Options

4. Design & Layout Tips

a. Think about the text.

Before start, please spend some time thinking about what you want to say. Keep sentences short and focused and consider highlighting essential information in bulleted sections.

b. Pick the visuals.

The images in the manual should support the core message not compete with it. So, keep it simple and choose a few relevant, high-quality pictures.

If you want to learn more about our manual offerings, please get in touch at june@gamedoer.com

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