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The birth of card game


The birth of card game - originated in China, popular in Europe

The earliest card game came from China. Legend has it that han Xin, a general, invented a card game in order to ease his soldiers' homesickness during the struggle between Chu and Han at the end of the Qin Dynasty. Because the card face is only the size of a leaf, so it is called "leaf play", also called "leaf card", the playing algorithm is the same as mahjong, this card game can be said to be the origin of card games.In the 12th century, Marco Polo brought "Leaf" to Europe, where it immediately aroused great interest in the West. In The 1960s and 1970s, physical cards were also tired of being played in The West. In The United States, a Card Game named The Baseball Card Game appeared immediately, which was The first collectible Card Game in history (collectible cards are groups of collectible cards playing against each other, while non-collectible cards are poker games). This marks the formal evolution of a large number of non-swap card games to swap card games.
Card Game
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