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Analysis of Global Board Game Market


Driving force of board game market growth

Board game market growth constraints

Opportunities and trends of board game market

Board games are a very popular way of entertainment and learning all over the world. Actually, the board game is developing all the way.

Driving force of board game market growth.
The number of board game cafes around the world is growing. In addition to their entertainment attributes, board games also have strong social attributes.

Introduction to board games supported by mobile applications, players can easily get the best game tutorial of board games on the Internet.
Focus on enhancing the game experience. The board game market itself has matured, and nowadays, board game designers have more and more channels for inspiration and feedback.
More and more attention is paid to online board games. Many physical board games can be made into online games. Some board games even need online apps to assist with physical games.
The market demand has grown, and the excellent board games have allowed the market to further develop.

Factors restricting the growth of the tabletop game market.
The price of raw materials fluctuates. With the implementation of China’s plastic restriction order, the price of the most important raw material paper for board games rises sharply, which leads to a higher cost of board games.
Labor cost increases. The labor cost increase is inevitable, so it is necessary to choose mechanized, highly intelligent, and excellent resource allocation production plants as much as possible.
Counterfeit board games and pirated board games save high research and development costs, publicity costs and other expenses. Huge profits occupy the market and destroy the legitimate board game market.

Opportunities and trends of board game market
The Internet has gradually shaped the purchasing behavior of the end-users, and online shopping can bring convenience for board game players to buy board games.
With the development of digital board games, traditional board games can no longer meet the needs of board game players. Combining with the Internet will be an opportunity for traditional board games.
The threat from other game platforms is growing. The popularity of online games makes the game more convenient, and there is no limit on the number of scenes.

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