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Characteristics of German and American Board Games


German board games:
German board games, which called Brettspiel, also known as the Euro game, are originated from the upper class of German society in the 20th century, and gradually spread to the average family after World War II. Because of the market expansion, German board game gradually established its characteristics and development in the 1970s and 1980s. Since then, the upsurge of playing German board games has spread to other European countries and the United States, which dominated the entire board game market. German board games are mainly played with family members, who get together and have a good time during the holidays or after dinner. This is also how German board game characteristics are formed.
1. The game time takes rarely more than an hour.
2. The game rules are simple.
3. There are only a few reasonable choices in each round.
4. Information is changeable.
5. Players take part in the game complete game round till to end.

6. Not so competitive, players have the opportunity to cooperate to achieve the goal together and win the game.
7. Player interaction without excessive conflict.
8. There are some short break intervals in the game.
9. There are not too many game components, cards, counters, etc. for the players to manipulate.
10. With excellent visually interesting effect.

11. Condense and simplify, let players focus on the game theme.
12. Fewer dices are used.
13. Positive scoring mechanism.

American Board Games:
Compared with the hot German board games, in Hong Kong, it seems that fewer people pay attention to American board games. In fact, even the BOARDGAME company in the United States has a large part of its profits from the sale of German tabletop games.

American board game has two systems: the role-playing game (TRPG) and the war game. Their players, who are usually called hardcore players, are more dedicated to the game. Therefore, it’s hard to push new board games outside of these two systems.
To a certain extent, it’s not difficult to say the characteristics of American Board Games. Just reverse some of the characteristics of German board games.
1. The game takes a long time. Usually need more than 2 hours, some even take 5-10 hours or a whole day.
2. The game rules are complicated, players should pay more attention to details.
3. Compared with German board games, the theme of American Board Games is usually more distinct due to the influence of RPG ( about abstraction, it will be discussed in another article).
4. As American Board games pay more attention to the game theme, they focus more on visual effects, for example, the movers are more exquisite.
5. The game board is usually more gorgeous, with a larger area, which to some extent, shows the wealth of American capitalism.
6. Players should operate a lot of details. The feeling of controlling the game is stronger than the German board game, which is characterized by choice.
7. Perhaps influenced by the war game system, American board games are usually aimed at eliminating opponents. It is more common in American board games to cause opponents to die, lose, and get out of the game.
8. American Board games often encourage competition among players. When a player gets one score, it means another player loses one score. In other words, when one player wins, it means the other one loses.
9. Finally, the dice! Except for some card games, you can find all kinds of dices in American Board games.

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