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How to Launch A Project Successful Project at Kickstarter


The p roject must be clearly defined
Create the profile
Select appropriate pictures
Establish a title
How to set a funding target
Set project deadline
Why launch project on Kickstarter
How to price the reward
Making the perfect promote video

Projects must be clearly defined
Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform to raise production funds for the realization of projects. This means that they will not help you raise funds for any open-ended membership or projects that require constant maintenance.
Put more effort into building the project. On average, it takes more or less than two weeks for creators to adjust their projects before it finally starts. A thoughtful and organized approach will get paid off.
It’s better to start building the project one month before it launches, to leave creators enough time to adjust it. Besides, Kickstarter has a process of review. Usually, it takes 24 hours to get feedback,  respond to each new proposal within 24 hours, but for some confusing cases, it may take up to a week.

Create your profile
To use Kickstarter, you have to create a simple account. by your name, email and password. It’s easy and fast. However, if you don’t set a profile, then you will see an amorphous blue square in all Kickstarter activities. You will also miss the opportunity to establish a personal connection with others in the Kickstarter community. You’ll also miss the opportunity to connect personally with the Kickstarter community and link to your website.

The advantage of setting profile makes the project look more formal, reputable and reliable. But it also makes it more difficult to build an emotional connection with the others in the Kickstarter community.

How to start a successful Kickstarter project.
Select appropriate pictures for your project
Your project image is the most important element in the project because this will be the first impression most supporters have of the project. So, trying to get eye-catching iconic pictures can be a good representation of your project.
Kickstarter recommends the pictures at a minimum size of 640 × 480 pixels and an aspect ratio of 4:3.


Establish a project title
Same as choosing a title for a blog post. Try to include some important keywords while establishing your project title.

How to set a funding target
The following factors will have an affect on setting funding goals.
Project cost. This is the most important factor in determining funding goals. You have to raise enough money to realize your project and honor all the rewards, otherwise, the interest of you and your supporters will be harmed.
When analyzing the statistic, it shows 56% of the projects are failed. But don’t worry, when a project gets 20% funding, its chance of failure drops to 11.3%.

Set project deadline
The project on Kickstarter can last up to 60 days, but a longer time doesn’t mean better results. In fact, projects that last 30 days or less may have a higher success rate.

Wh y launch project on Kickstarter:
Set the tone of confidence for the project and help motivate supporters to support the project.

Create effective Kickstarter rewards.
People need incentives to invest in Kickstarter projects. They are willing to accept fair returns, not fair promises. Therefore, rewards are the engine behind every successful Kickstarter project. The rewards are usually tangible things, such as products or souvenirs from your campaign. However, they can also appear in the project in the form of experience creation or collaborative roles.

Why rewards are so important. First, it’s the main reason why crowdfunding works. Second, it may somehow decide whether your project will succeed.
What should be your reward?
If someone likes the product, they’ll want part of the final product, and they don’t mind putting in as buying some pre-purchased product, since they are unique to your project. You can visit http://www.kickstarter.com/discover for more suggestions.
How to price your reward?
According to the Kickstarter school, the most popular pledge is $25. Even if your product is expensive, it is important to create at least a reward of less than $20. Projects without a reward have a success rate of only 35%, while projects with a reward of less than $20 can have a 54% success rate.

At the same time, concise and easy-to-understand reward descriptions are important. Pay attention to the use of capital letters to make the award title obvious and attract people’s attention. Then use parentheses to further distinguish the details of the reward.

Making the perfect Kickstarter video

Make a video to describe the project, show why your project is important and why people need help. According to Kickstarter, projects with video have a much higher success rate than projects without video.
There are no rules on making the video, here are some suggestions.
Start with a personal introduction
Summarize the project as early as possible
Tell your story
Show more about the rules of the game
Place updates of the project at the top
After completing the description, all that’s left is to exhibit the account information, which will enable you to receive payment after you successfully obtain the project funds.

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