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Production Process and Quality Control of Paper Products | Game Doer


China is a big country in the production and use of paper products. Continuous development of circular economy vigorously stimulate and promote the application of paper products in packaging and other fields, and also enable continuous innovation in its production process, which greatly improves its quality performance and better protection of inside products. This also made the application of paper products wider and wider.

Paper products and its application Paper products refer to products made from base paper or base paper that combined with other materials, mainly including books, posters, trademarks, corrugated boxes, cartons, game boards, cards, cardboard, paper bags, etc. They can play a role in disseminating information, protecting and decorating products. Since paper products are easy to recycle and are environmentally friendly products, they are especially suitable for the inner and outer packaging of products. With the innovation and continuous improvement of paper production technology and quality, modern paper products can replace some wooden, plastic, glass and metal packaging. Meanwhile, as the production process of paper products is simple, which is conducive to reducing production energy and material consumption, and better improving economic benefits, it’s an ideal choice for the circular economy.

Development of paper production technology 1. Improve the performance of corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are the most commonly used paper box, their structure is continuously developed and innovated during application. High-strength corrugated composite board, which changes the traditional corrugated horizontal arrangement structure to a vertical corrugated close arrangement structure, that can replace heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard and wood packaging. As the outer package, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of conventional corrugated boxes is relatively poor, and the recycling of film-coated cartons is troublesome. But by adding hydrolyzable resin, which is easy to degrade when recycled, the new combined paper material can produce into cartons that have better waterproof performance. It is an ideal process to replace the film-coated carton. Modern packaging is changing from simple product packaging or transportation packaging to functional packaging. With the continuous innovation of paper production technology, to use paper packing instead of wooden, plastic, glass, and metal packing will become the mainstream in the modern future packing industry. 2. Innovation of printing technology. Traditional printing is always uses copper, zinc or resin plates, which are easy to crack, and affect the production efficiency and costs. The modern printing process gets innovative inspiration from the offset printing process. It uses blankets to replace expensive resin plates and copperplate plates to produce embossed solid plates including flexographic printing processes. The printing plate endurance can reach more than one million impressions, which is better to reduce the production cost, improve the printing efficiency. 3. The innovation of post-press processing technology. Embossing and linen texture are commonly used processes for the decoration and molding of paper products after printing. The linen texture process generally uses an embossing machine or a vertical die-cutting machine to make embossed plates for linen texture. The former cannot perform partial linen texture, and the change of linen texture layout needs to replace the embossing plate, which is very inconvenient, and the production cost is high. it is not suitable for small orders. The embossing requires the metallic or resin embossed plates, which can be embossed in a comprehensive or partial manner, but the uniformity of the pressure is not stable, and the production efficiency is low, while the labor intensity is high. Modern technology created a new process of partial or full embossing on the offset press with resin plates, which not only reduces production costs, but also improves production efficiency and quality, with clear and uniform embossing effects.

It obvious that the innovation of paper production technology can dramatically improve the efficiency of producing and printing, as well as the product quality, and reduce production-consumption. It is also an inevitable trend of the development of a circular economy.

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