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Custom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing Dices
  • Custom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing DicesCustom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing Dices
  • Custom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing DicesCustom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing Dices
  • Custom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing DicesCustom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing Dices

Custom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing Dices

Board game hot transfer printing dices are usually the essential tool for tabletop games. They are the indispensable tool that adds a touch of randomness and excitement to your gaming experience. These small cubes hold immense potential, allowing players to determine outcomes, make decisions, and navigate through thrilling game worlds. Discover the magic of the board game dice and immerse yourself in the world of board games!You can Custom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing Dices.

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Product Description

Custom Multi Color Board Game Hot Transfer Printing Dices

— Dimension for option: 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 19mm 20mm or any other customized sizes are available.

— Plastic material for option: It's important to note that not all plastics are compatible with hot transfer printing. The specific type of plastic used for the dice should have heat resistance to withstand the application of heat and pressure during the transfer process. Some commonly used plastics for hot transfer printing on dice include:

Acrylic: Acrylic dice are popular due to their clarity and durability. They can withstand the heat press process without warping or melting, making them a suitable choice for hot transfer printing.

Polyresin: Polyresin, a type of synthetic resin, is another material used for making dice. It has heat resistance properties and provides a sturdy base for hot transfer printing.

Injection-molded plastics: Various types of injection-molded plastics, such as ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), can be suitable for hot transfer printing. These plastics are often used for manufacturing gaming dice and are compatible with the heat transfer process.

— Color: Any color is available, just send us the Pantone color code for the painting. The plastic tokens in our stock is clear.

— Key Features:

The key features of hot transfer printing on dice include:

Customization: Hot transfer printing allows for a high level of customization, as you can apply any design or pattern onto the surface of the board game dice. This means you can create unique and personalized dice sets for various purposes.

Durability: The transferred design becomes a part of the dice surface, making it highly durable. Unlike some other methods like stickers or decals, hot transfer printing ensures that the design does not easily peel off or fade with regular use.

High-quality prints: Hot transfer printing can produce high-resolution and detailed prints on the dice. This method allows for precise and vibrant designs, ensuring that your dice look visually appealing.

Versatility: Hot transfer printing can be used on various types of dice materials, including plastic, resin, metal, and more. This versatility makes it suitable for different types of dice, such as board game dice, promotional dice, educational dice, and collectible dice.

Consistency: Hot transfer printing provides consistent results across multiple dice. As long as the heat press settings are properly adjusted and the process is followed correctly, each dice will have the same design and quality.

Efficiency: Hot transfer printing is a relatively fast process compared to other techniques like hand-painting or engraving. Once the setup is prepared, transferring the design onto multiple dice can be done quickly and efficiently.

Professional finish: The transferred design on the dice using hot transfer printing gives a professional and polished appearance. It can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of the dice, making them stand out and catch attention.

Wide range of colors and effects: Hot transfer printing allows for the use of a wide range of colors, gradients, and even special effects like metallic or holographic finishes. This enables you to create visually striking dice with intricate and eye-catching designs.

Overall, hot transfer printing on dice offers customization, durability, versatility, and high-quality prints, making it a popular choice for creating unique and visually appealing dice.

Custom multi color board game hot transfer printing dices producing process:

The production process of hot transfer printing dice typically involves several steps. Here is a general outline of the process:

Design and artwork preparation: Create or select the desired design or pattern that you want to transfer onto the custom board game dices. Ensure that the design is suitable for hot transfer printing.

Dice manufacturing: Produce the dice using the chosen material, such as acrylic, and polyresin. The tabletop game dice can be made through injection molding or other appropriate manufacturing methods.

Printing the transfer paper: Use a specialized printer with heat transfer capabilities to print the design onto a transfer paper or film. Use ink specifically formulated for hot transfer printing.

Cutting and positioning the transfer: Trim the printed design to fit the size of the dice. Leave some extra space around the edges to prevent misalignments during the transfer process. Carefully position the transfer paper onto the surface of each die, ensuring proper alignment.

Heat press setup: Set up a heat press machine according to the manufacturer's instructions. Adjust the temperature and pressure settings based on the type of dice material and transfer paper being used.

Hot transfer process: Once the heat press reaches the desired temperature, place the dice with the attached transfer paper onto the heat press bed. Close the heat press, applying even pressure for the recommended duration. The heat and pressure will transfer the design from the paper onto the dice surface.

Removal and cooling: After the specified time has elapsed, open the heat press and quickly remove the transfer paper from the dice. Be cautious, as the dice might be hot. Allow the dice to cool down completely before handling them. This will ensure that the transferred design adheres properly to the dice surface.

Quality check and packaging: Inspect each dice to ensure the transferred design is of high quality and free from any defects or misalignments. Package the finished dice appropriately for storage or distribution.

It's important to note that specific details of the production process may vary depending on the manufacturer, equipment used, and materials involved. It is recommended to consult with a specialized dice manufacturer or supplier for more precise guidelines and advice based on their specific processes.

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