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Bard Game MOJI
  • Bard Game MOJIBard Game MOJI
  • Bard Game MOJIBard Game MOJI
  • Bard Game MOJIBard Game MOJI

Bard Game MOJI

Bard Game MOJI is a custom board game that GameDoer produced for our Crazzybox in 2022. Crazzybox is a board game publisher, with a special twist.. The game is Hyper casual tile placing family board game.
Age Range: 6+
Playing Time: 10–30 Min
Number of Players: 2–4 Players
Publisher: Crazzybox Inc

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Product Description

Project Name: Bard Game MOJI

Game Category: Card Games, Children's Game, Family Games, Math Game

Community: 2-4players

Playing Time: 10-30 Min

Age: 6+

Board Game Components:

Top and Bottom Box x 1

Board Game Tiles x 16

Rulesheet x 1


Command Cards

Grid Movement

Hand Management

Line Drawing



Moving Multiple Units

Pattern Building

Relative Movement

Tile Placement

Super Fun, Hyper casual tile placing family board game for 2-4 players.

Play cards using Computer Keyboard Shortcuts to line your MOJIs up.

The first player to have their 4 Moji tiles in a line (including diagonals) WINS!

Players alternately take turns in clockwise order until someone wins.

On your turn, play as many cards as you want, resolving their effects and discarding them in a discard pile beside the deck.

If you don`t have anything smart to do, you can discard your entire hand instead, but in order to do so, you must yell:"I have no internet!”


ENTER - Place a Moji tile on any empty square on the board.

DEL - Remove a Moji tile from the board.

SHIFT - Swap places of 2 adjacent Moji tiles (not diagonally).

TAB - Push a Moji one square in any direction (not diagonally).This can push other Moji tiles along that line, but cannot push Moji tiles off the board.

ESC - Unlock a Moji tile, flipping it back to the unlocked side.

NUMBER - Use math with the played numbers to reach a result number. You can combine them into double digits, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Then, place a Moji tile on the square of the result number, if it is empty. Additionally, if the sum of the numbers is over 15, you can Dispose of these cards, draw back to 6 and make another turn.

CTRL+C - Copy the last effect performed by the previous player.

CTRL+Z - Undo the last effect performed by the previous player.

CTRL+S - Lock a Moji tile, flipping it to the locked side. Locked Moji tiles cannot be moved or deleted.

3 cards of the same color (not white) - Resolve any of the card effects listed here (except the number effect). Call it a JOKER!

The Game contains 50 Cards, 16 MOJI tiles with Box and Instructions. A simple card game for kids, parents, friends and adults.

—Description from the publisher

Thanks to customer’s trust and support on us, GameDoer produced the interesting board game Moji in 2022.

The Telescopic Box

At GameDoer, we can produce a wide variety of boxes.

The classic telescope boxes, magnet boxes, tuck boxes, deck boxes, book-style boxes, and all the way to embossed tin boxes.

Our experience in the traditional printing and packaging industry also allows us to work

with more unconventional shapes and constructions. All of our boxes can be treated with

special finishes in order to really make them outstanding, such as spot UV, linen texture,

foil stamping, embossing, etc.

The Moji Tokens

Cardboard emoji tokens.

GameDoer can support customers to create all shapes of cardboard tokens and tiles.

We can also accommodate die cut double boards and other more uncommon demands.

GameDoer is a leading and professional custom tabletop games and the game accessories, like traditional printing and packing, boards cards, acrylic dice, miniatures & figures, wooden meeples, tokens, chips, manufacturer and supplier in China.

Our factory locates in Ningbo, China, which has the world's largest seaport, convenience in cargo transportation. We also have many Project Exhibitions to facilitate your understanding of us.

Each Game Component that Produced by GameDoer can 100% Pass the Tests by Authorized Laboratories.

For more information or to buy, please visit our customer’s website: https://www.crazzybox.com


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